We are a  high educated team with different academic backgrounds. We are researchers at Mathematics, Engineering (Mechetronics, Electronics, Mechanics, Systems, IT, Computer Sciences and Physics.

Our goal is to help our life in Smart way, e.g., an energy efficient way. We have ideas to make our systems (machines, softwares and algorithms) Smart by implementing the new recent technologies.

Please do join us with your (open) problems or (research) proposals. We will give you the best possible solutions. We may also define (research) projects for big offers.


With our competence in Data Mining and AI, we are ready to offer support and guide companies in their Digital Business Models to increase benefits and make high satisfactions.

The new digital transformation needs enough knowledge and competences in Data and Minig the Data.

To achieve the best results and be convenient with our solutions, we offer first a demo on your data or problems. 


If a perfect mining could be done in the data!

Do contact us to hear more about our methods and supports on the areas:

  • Digital Business Model

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website ranking analysis 

  • Connectivity and Communication

  • Smart City

  • Deep Learning

  • Feature Engineering

  • Data Driven Modelling

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Sensor Technology